The story of Last Call starts with Brad Friesen, a Vancouver Canada based entrepreneur seeking out a naturally-sourced recovery product to remedy the exhaustion and discomfort that he and his friends feel after relentless partying. Brad was determined to find a product that would ease the effects of a hangover, without the after-consumption “crash” or side-effects caused by energy drinks. After the realization that a remedy like this did not exist, he set out to create one.
​​Through his deep network of packaging resources, Brad went to work and pulled together a prototype that he successfully pitched on the Canadian show Dragons’ Den (Shark Tank of the North). So much excitement was generated that a deal with all 5 Dragons was made on the spot! This was a first for the show and the episode remains one of the top viewed to this day. Brad then turned to long-time friend Dale Bosa to assist with the time consuming and strict regulatory requirements needed to bring Last Call Elixir to market. Dale assembled a group of industry-leading professionals to refine the concept further and create a truly proprietary beverage that was comprised of only the finest ingredients, with zero compromises.
​​The result of this partnership is an effective hangover remedy that is safe, naturally-sourced and convenient. Brad and Dale are excited to introduce Last Call - a proven, upscale and functional beverage that is true to its roots…to help you feel better faster!