How We Started

The story of Last Call starts with Brad Friesen, a Vancouver Canada based entrepreneur seeking out a naturally-sourced recovery product to remedy the exhaustion and discomfort that he and his friends feel after relentless partying. Brad was determined to find a product that would ease the effects of a hangover, without the after-consumption “crash” or side-effects caused by energy drinks. After the realization that a remedy like this did not exist, he set out to create one.​ ​

Through his deep network of packaging resources, Brad went to work and pulled together a prototype that he successfully pitched on the Canadian show Dragons’ Den (Shark Tank of the North). So much excitement was generated that a deal with all 5 Dragons was made on the spot! This was a first for the show and the episode remains one of the top viewed to this day. Brad then turned to long-time friend Dale Bosa to assist with the time consuming and strict regulatory requirements needed to bring Last Call Elixir to market. Dale assembled a group of industry-leading professionals to refine the concept further and create a truly proprietary beverage that was comprised of only the finest ingredients, with zero compromises.​​ ​

The result of this partnership is an effective hangover remedy that is safe, naturally-sourced and convenient. Brad and Dale are excited to introduce Last Call - a proven, upscale and functional beverage that is true to its roots…to help you feel better faster!

The Remedy

End the night with Last Call. Or. Wake up and start the morning with it. 

Or, just do both. Because you need to seize the day and nothing's gonna stop you. 

What is Last Call? 

We're the all-natural way to feel better, faster. Recover from your hangover, a workout, no sleep. 

We were made for people who have things to do. Goals to achieve. Records to break. Lives to change. 

Last Call is an effective hangover remedy that is safe, naturally-sourced and convenient.

Powered by a high-quality proprietary blend of vitamins and antioxidants; Last Call is mixed using a push cap to ensure maximum potently and freshness at that moment of consumption.

You're welcome. 

"It's an essential"

I work 10-hour days as an entrepreneur, but that doesn't mean I miss out on everything else. Supplementing with Last Call is the only way I'm able to make it to early morning call times and feel my absolute best. It's an essential. Oh, and they taste great too. 

- Brad

Want to Make Sure You Don't Miss out on the Last Call?